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Sizing Guide for Suspenders and Braces

Many of our suspenders and braces come in a 46 inch length only, which will fit the majority of people. Depending on height, weight and body build a 46 inch suspender will generally fit someone 5'2" - 6'1" tall. The suspenders can be adjusted on the front and most offer an elastic portion in the back for additional flexibility and comfort.

Other suspenders come in multiple lengths. A general size guide is as follows:

42 inch suspenders: Fit someone 5' - 5'9" tall
46 inch suspenders: Fit someone 5'2" - 6'1" tall
48 inch suspenders: Fit someone 5'9" - 6'2" tall
52 inch suspenders: Fit someone 6' - 6'4" tall
54 inch suspenders: Fit someone 6'1" - 6'5" tall

The best way to tell if a suspender or brace will fit is to actually measure the person who will be wearing them. Simply take a tape measure and measure from the top of the trousers in the back where the suspenders will attach, diagonally up over the shoulder and down to the point where the suspenders will attach to the trousers in the front. This is the length suspender that is needed. The suspender sizes listed are fully extended. In other words - if your measurement is 44" a 46" suspender would fit. However, if your measurement is 50 inches, a 46" suspender would not fit - you would need a larger size.

Please feel free to call us at 877-987-8008 if you need help determining the appropriate size suspender to order, or if you do not see the size suspender you need.